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3 The Wine – Four Cups and what they symbolise

The Wine Video During a Passover meal or seder, each person drinks four glasses of wine (or juice, if you’re a child or prefer not to drink wine!). They aren’t necessarily full, large wine goblets, in fact, there’s a rules about the exact minimum which must be drunk, if you’re going to be strict about […]

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2 The Seder Plate – What’s on it and why

The Seder Plate Video As we read the Passover story in Exodus, in chapter 12 God gives His people detailed instructions on what they are to do for Passover, both that night and on that night each year from then on. (If you’ve not read or listened to the story yet, you might want to […]

Passover Story

1 The Story

The Story Video Activity idea: Read or listen to the whole story and create your own short version. The first, and most important thing we need to do in exploring Passover is to read the Exodus story as the whole of Passover really hangs on it. Traditionally at a Passover meal the story will be […]



WELCOME VIDEO I’m so glad you’re joining me in this workshop! I’ve been celebrating Passover with my family at home for over ten years, and I’m always amazed at how celebrating Passover as part of Easter brings a new depth of meaning, understanding and connection. This is an online workshop which won’t happen at a […]


GodVenture Online Passover Workshop Menu

This page is the menu or contents for the GodVenture Online Passover Workshop. Each link below leads to a post which includes a video which is a short version of what’s in the post. You are welcome to use this menu and the workshop material it in whatever works best for you and your family. […]