Tell it where it happened Easter story

Have fun seeing if you can re-tell parts of the Easter story you know in similar places to those the events took place in.

Now, I’m not suggesting going to Israel, although that would be a pretty cool field trip! No, I’m meaning the types of places in which different parts of the Easter story occurs, such as a garden, an upper room, a hill, another garden, a place where the dead are buried, a locked room, a lake, a road.

You could make copies of the different parts of the story and put them in envelopes with the ‘address’ of where you have to be to share this part of the story together. Introduce the concept to your family and invite them to think of when you might be able to share each part of the story. Don’t worry about reading it in order. As long as you’re all vaguely families with the overall story, ask someone to do a quick recap of what’s happened so far and plunge into the story.

You could choose 2 or 3 of these and give the envelopes to families to do together during the weeks and weekends running up to Easter.

I’d recommend using the Contemporary English Version of the Bible (CEV) for children 4+ as it reads out loud really nicely, which is what you’ll be doing with it.

Here’s some examples with links to the text from the CEV. Please don’t be limited by my suggestions of location, but invent your own which are relevant to your sitaution.

Re-tell the story of Jesus eating Passover with his friends (Matthew 26:17-30) over a meal.

Re-tell the story of Jesus’ arrest (John 18:1-11) in a garden or park or outside area.

Re-tell the Peter denying Jesus (Matthew 26:69-75) in a yard, courtyard or patio area, or near some chickens or other birds.

Re-tell the story of Jesus’ burial and resurrection (Matthew 27:57-66; 28:1-10) in or near a grave yard or near some caves or rocks.

Re-tell the story of Jesus appearing to his friends on their way to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35) on a walk or a journey on a train or in the car.

Re-tell the story of Jesus appearing to his friends by lake Tiberias (John 21:1-14) by a lake or stream or pond, or when eating fish (and chips)!

For more creative ideas for re-telling Bible stories, get a set of Bible GodVenture52 cards.


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