Make your own Advent pockets calendar

Advent Pockets with Clay People pockets filledI looked everywhere for one of these, and found some good value ones in TK Max. Make your own ‘fillers’, especially if you want something which helps children explore the Christmas story over the 24 or 25 days. I’ve made a set of Christmas story cards which tell the story one line a day or you can make your own ones. Here’s some ideas of what you could fill your pockets with (and don’t forget a chocolate might be nice too!):

  • Copy or print the Bible passages from a child-friendly version of the Bible and cut into 24/25 sections. Roll these up and pop them into the pockets in order of how they should be read. This is what I did for my God-daughters this year, and I used the story from The Big Bible StoryBook, using one paragraph for each day (days 1-6 page 120, days 7-11 page 123, days 12-14 page 124, days 15-17 page 124, days 18-20 page 128 and days 21-24 page 128).
  • Find little play characters which relate to the different parts of the story and use them to build a little nativity scene, one piece each day. I’ve used our Play Mobil nativity set and also made ones from Benecol bottles.
  • Draw, copy or scan in pictures of the Christmas story characters from a book or the internet and put these into your pockets. You could add a little bit of text to explain their role in the story, or get the children to guess/explain when they get out the pictures.


  • Do the same as above, but using pictures from old Christmas cards.
  • Buy or make out of Fimo/clay a nativity set with characters small enough to fit in the pockets. You will need 24 characters. Here’s a suggestion of what you could have:
    1. Mary
    2. Angel
    3. Joseph
    4. donkey
    5. inn keeper
    6. inn keeper’s wife
    7. shepherd 1
    8. sheep 1
    9. shepherd 2
    10. sheep 2
    11. shepherd 3
    12. sheep 3
    13. lots of angels
    14. star
    15. wise man 1
    16. camel 1
    17. wise man 2
    18. camel 2
    19. wise man 3
    20. camel 3
    21. gold
    22. frankincense
    23. myrrh
    24. manger
    25. Jesus

And don’t forget to use your nativity set to explore the Christmas story together! See here for some ideas.