Tell the story with your Nativity set

Re-tell and play with the Christmas story using a child-friendly nativity set.

The Christmas my daughter was 18 months old, I thought it time to invest in a(nother) child friendly nativity set. I wanted one which she could play with and that we can use to tell the Christmas story together. She already loved having the story read to her from The Christmas Bible Storybook, a lovely re-telling perfect for under 3s. As I was expecting our next baby in December, it fitted in well with all the stories and things we’re doing for new babies too.

Having considered the PlayMobile nativity set, I went for a simpler, wooden set this time (there’s plenty more years!). It’s handmade and fairtrade, which I liked. I put it out on a low table as a display which can also be played with. The first day I told the Holy Family story from Godly Play, a beautiful simple re-telling of the Christmas story ending in wondering questions. Then she was off, playing being her primary language, she played her way through that Christmas and many afterward using nativity sets.

The key for me was to:

  • buy one I was happy with her playing with
  • set it up with her, showing her how to handle it with care
  • tell the story using it
  • leave it up and out within her reach

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