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Faith at home diagram

What is faith?

There are lots of models of faith. One of the ones I like is in Francis Bridger’s book Children Finding Faith. In this, faith is described as believing, trusting, doing and imagining. Faith as believing – knowledge, knowing facts, understanding certain pivotal truths underpin our faith, as demonstrated in the Creed. This is what Rachel […]


Review: Mosaic – Celebrations

Title: Mosaic – Celebrations Author: Scripture Union Useful for: anyone wanting materials for a small group with a wide age range (e.g. a family!) Best bit: loads of creative activity pages and flexible, accessible ways to explore the Bible story including great artwork Worst bit: maybe too many colouring pages, although my children did love them! Price: RRP £12. Currently […]


Open-ended response activity for the Easter story

I wonder what part of the Easter story you like best? Which part have you particularly noticed this year? I wonder what you might make out of these shapes? I love open end activities. We have creative materials out all the time for my daughters to create something whenever the mood takes them. And they do! Often before breakfast […]

giant jenga jacobs ladder

Family Activity Workshops

Quite a few people have asked me to share about the Family Activity Workshops I’ve been doing, so here we are! I’ve been doing workshops for families for a number of years, and have developed a model which I’ve found help inspire and encourage families as well as giving them activity ideas to do faith at […]

treasure box contents

Review: Treasure Box

Title: Treasure Box Author: Becky and Adam May Useful for: parents of children age 3-10 wanting to do faith together at home Best bit: the lovely Bible story book and ready-to-go craft activities – my 5 year old especially loved the weaving loom Worst bit: the wooden door included in the box was lovely, but the prayer ideas didn’t actually […]