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I love Jesus CD

I don’t have to feel scared (No No No!)

Does God ever speak to you through things you have got for your children? We’ve been listening to a new CD for very young children with this song on it – I don’t have to feel scared (No No No!) – and today it really spoke to me. This is how it happened: This week I am […]

Christmas with GodVenture

Something for ALL families!

This Christmas I’m excited to have created a set of resources to help ALL families celebrate Christmas! GodVenture products are generally designed for Christian families wanting to do faith stuff together at home, but at this time of year I know lots of families are looking for ways to share the Christmas story together and perhaps also add a spiritual […]

seed shoot 2

Seed stories

I love planting seeds! I love eating the harvest, but I think even more, I love watching the roots and shoots burst out of the seed pod and start to grow. Even if you’re not in the least bit green fingered, an easy seed to grow are broad beans. The seeds are nice and big […]

big card

Dear Me, love from Me

I’ve been doing quite a few workshops recently, and at the end I often ask people to write themselves a postcard in the form:   Dear Me [insert your name here] Have you remembered to do bubbles prayers in Toddlers? Love from Me [see above]   After a few quizzical looks (it seems this concept is […]


Celebrate the blossom

“Clean your teeth, please!” I said as my 2 year old put down her orange-paste-laden toothbrush. We were almost ready to go out, and I really wanted to get going. Saying nothing, she placed her toothbrush on the window sill, carefully pushed her long hair back behind her shoulders then picked up the brush and starting doing her teeth. As […]