Giving away hundreds of Advent Calendars

This year I’ll be giving away 400 calendars to families in need.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been on the breadline, but I know it’s really hard to admit you need help just to feed your own children. So many families in the UK are struggling financially. There’s loads of great charities working with them, including local food banks, Salvation Army and TLGMakeLunch, who help churches feed hungry families during school holidays.

I’m delighted to be able to give them something spiritual, something to help nourish their soul, something which I hope will draw them into the story of Jesus who fed the hungry.

My question for you is, could you join me? Could you give an Advent Calendar?

You could:

* buy a Gift Advent Calendar for only £2. If this is all you buy in the shop, don’t forget to add the code 1THING so you don’t pay postage. Every calendar bought like this will be given to a family in need.

* buy a pack of calendars to give away yourself. There are packs of different sizes to choose from (3 for £10, 10 for £28, 30 for £75, 100 pack). You could give these to families you know, or to your local food bank, TLG MakeLunch or Salvation Army who will know families in need to give them to.

* pray for the families receiving calendars as gifts, that even in their difficult physical circumstances they will experience the peace for all people the Angel’s spoke about, and that God would break into their situation and bring them freedom from financial difficulty and fear. for £28