Ok, so I have a crazy idea…

What if I invented #Joytober?!

I’ve been reading about joy and how it’s choice we make, something we cultivate in our lives, a lot through being thankful.

In October I’m going to share 31 thank prompts on the GodVenture facebook page – a sentence for you to complete – either in your head, online in the comments or together with your family.

And as we go through the month, which for our family at least, because of the weird halloween stuff, can be a bit of an urgh month, instead,, we’ll be cultivating JOY!

How about it?
Are you in?

The prompts are all part of 31 Ways to be thankful. You can download this here

Or you can get a copy of the JOY edition of the Faith at home mini-mag, which comes with a lovely card version inside, plus space to write your thanks on the back (and 10 other joy-full activities!) Only £4 with FREEDELIVERY (that’s your code – you still to CHOOSE free delivery) here https://godventure.co.uk/…/joy-faith-at-home-mini-mag…/