Nativity Photo Booth

12 Nativity Photo BoothHave fun creating some nativity photos by dressing up as the characters.

As you make your outfits, chat about why you’ve chosen each character and what you think they may have been like. What part do they play in the story? Could we leave them out and still have all the story we need?

You could make tunics out of pillowcases and headdresses with tea towels and a ring of elastic, or you could download props from an Etsy shop like these. Get your whole family to dress up and take a photo – perfect for Christmas cards or just some funny pictures!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could pose a series of pictures to create different scenes of the Christmas story. You could make these into your own

or print them on canvases and display them each Christmas.

This would be fun to do as part of a Christmas activity event, setting up a photo booth for families to dress up and pose in for their photos.

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