NEW Book Exploring Generosity

cover 72dpiWhat would you like to know about my new GodVenture book? Let’s start with the basics:

Title: Exploring Generosity with GodVenture and 40acts

Launch date: 1st January 2016

RRP: £7.50

Deals for multiple purchases: 2 for £10, 4 for £15 and 10 for £25

Spec: 32 full-colour A4 pages with 200+ stickers

If you’ve not used a GodVenture book before, here’s a bit more about it. The book is a family activity sticker book for families to explore generosity together. The book has 12 Bible passages, each with a creative way to read them together, something for under 5s and an Extra Something for older children and adults (see a sample page here). Each page also has a way to use the stickers to explore how the Bible passage inspires your generosity, an idea to help you chat, think or pray and a link to the 40acts Generosity Challenge Family Wallchart.

The 40acts Generosity Challenge Family Wallchart is part of the 40acts Lent campaign, a brilliant idea to help people do 40 generous acts in the 40 days of Lent, which this year starts on Wednesday 10th February. This chart has 40 really fun generous things for families to do together, and you can link into the rest of the campaign on Facebook and Twitter. However, the Wallchart would work well as any time of year, and you can spread your 40acts over as many days as you choose.

I’ve so enjoyed making this book, as it’s been wonderful to look at generosity in the Bible and be challenged about living generosity, not just giving money but thinking and speaking generously. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

The book is perfect for any family wanting to explore generosity together. The mixture of sticker activities and specific things for younger and older family members makes this book ideal for families, while the open-ended questions make it accessible for Christian families as well as those who are happy to use the Bible to be inspired in their generosity. Why not consider buying a generous 10 copies and giving them to families you know?

Get 2 for £104 for £15 or 10 books for £25!