NEW! GodVenture Hope Box!!!

I am SUPER excited about the new GodVenture Hope Box – filled with 18 fun, family, faith at home activities and delivered directly to your home!

This is a product I’ve been working on for about 10 years! It started when I made some prayer boxes for my god daughters, who were little girls back then, including a teddy bear, Jelly Babies and Twister. They all loved having a box of things which were theirs, and I know they each chose certain activities to do as their expression of their faith.

My two daughters are now 7 and 8, and a few years ago we subscribed to Mr Maker boxes, which they loved, and I couldn’t help thinking I could make something better! I loved what the boxes had in them, but the creative activities were all very guided and prescriptive, and the materials were pretty cheap (I prefer to use fewer but quality things as I find this changes the type of artwork my children create).

So now we are all At Home, it seems time to try out the Faith At Home in a Box ideas, so here‘s my first attempt!

This box contains so much lovely stuff, I don’t know where to start! I have really tried hard to give you lots of options of different faith at home activities so you can choose things which work well for your family, and perhaps different members of your family use different parts of the box. There’s 18 activities, including lots of ways to explore the Bible verse:

“Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength.” Isaiah 40:31

There’s a postcard with the verse on for you to put up somewhere at home (in fact, two designs so you can choose which one you like best!), and there’s a wide range of activities to explore the theme of hope in the Bible, including some Bible cards and several ways to use them. There’s two prayer activities involving bubbles and sending cards (both included), plus a seasonal prayer activity involving planting seeds (sun flower seeds included – you’ll need to provide your own toilet roll tube!). There’s an A3 poster for you to fill in things you are thankful for each day, and on the back, there’s a challenge to make your own poster of the Bible verse using things in the box or your home.

There’s a couple of chocolate coins just because, and the wonderful H K Creations and Charlie Patch have each gifted a beautiful HOPE postcard for you to keep or send, as you wish.

And then there’s the non-essential collection of bits which took me up in the next postage bracket, but they are such fun, I thought you’d prefer to have them: coloured elastic bands, lolly sticks and pieces of A6 cards plus two rolls of washi tape. You could use these in three of the activities in the box (making cards to send, making your own poster and make a model or picture of the verse) OR you could just use them however you choose! I always find it’s fun to have creative stuff to just play with, and as we use it, I often find things coming out of it and links with things I wouldn’t have expected. Our theology, our thinking about God, is often done best when we stop using words and start using our hands. Try it and have fun!

Get yours now!