Review: Creative ways to to tell a Bible story

Title: Creative ways to to tell a Bible story

Author: Martyn Payne

Price: £9.99

Publisher: BRF

Best for: people wanting to learn from an expert story teller

Best bits:

Worst bit: This book works better for group leaders than parents, unless you happen to have 8 children at home. Plus I’d’ve loved each idea to start at the top of a page, and pictures would be great!


Martyn Payne is an excellent story teller, and has been honing his art for many years. This book is full of his wisdom in simple slices any of us can handle. Through providing easy way to introduce, tell and respond to a Bible story, Martyn is giving us a gift which will keep on giving. I am sure that once you’ve tried some of Martyn’s ideas for yourself, you will not only want more, but also you will be more confident to try out your own ideas to boost your story-power.

This book is not aimed at helping you tell better Bible stories to children, but to help you tell the bible stories so that they come alive and enter the hearts and minds of your listeners, children and adults alike.

I like how Martyn’s introduction helps give us an idea of how the bible is written by fallible humans and therefore has elements of them and their imperfection in it, such as telling of a God who is always on their side and who enjoys the crushing of their enemies. He is careful to point out that the bible is also full of God’s grace and love and truth.

The book gives many ideas on how to:

  1. introduce a bible story – loads of simple, related games
  2. tell a bible story
  3. explore and reflect on a bible story

Martyn is keen that we don’t have to do lots of prop prep or create great craft activities, but that we spend our preparation time becoming really familiar with the story ourselves – I’ve definitely found the best times of sharing part of the bible with people is when I’ve experienced it in a new and living way myself. Then what I share has far more life.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to be better at sharing bible stories, parent, children’s worker or church leader.