The 2020 GodVenture Sticker Advent Calendar is ready for pre-order!

I’m so excited about this year’s sticker Advent calendar!

It’s bigger (A3 instead of A4)

and there’s more stickers (40!)

and more story (the WHOLE story, in fact!).

I’ve been working on this for a while, and trying to respond to some of your feedback from last year, so this year there are some new things you’ll spot right away, and other’s not so obvious, but none the less fabulous for it!

  1. Bigger calendar: This year, your calendar will arrive in an A4 envelope, but you’ll open it up to reveal an A3 picture where all the story action will take place.
  2. More stickers: This year, you have 40 stickers, each telling part of the Christmas story as it unfolds in the mini-book.
  3. More story: This year, you have the WHOLE Christmas story from the Bible, starting with Zechariah and Elizabeth and ending with Simeon and Anna.

I’ve wanted to include these extras bits of story, as well as the whole of Mary’s song and speeches by the angels, as they hold much of the meaning of the birth of Jesus.

To make this possible, this year Jesus will be ‘born’ on Christmas Day (as many people have requested!), but the stickers and the story will continue after Christmas Day, so allow the visits from the shepherds and wise men, as well as the trip to the temple to meet Simeon and Anna. The days after Christmas for some families at least, can be less frantic than the ones before it, which I’m hoping will allow people more time to explore the story and find something new in it for themselves.

It also means that families will, hopefully, be reading the Bible story into January (the calendar ends on January 7th), a full forty days, which might just mean they could do something like that for Lent. And the GodVenture Easter Calendar will be ready for you in January, to help you make the most of the rhythm created by the Advent Calendar.

Last year I experimented with biodegradable wraps, and this year, due to the folding design of the calendar, I’m trying out NO wrap, but just popping the stickers and mini-books inside the folded calendar. This will make it easier for posting them, both from me to you and from you to families you know, as we may be doing posting things out this Christmas!

Other things I love about this year’s calendar with wonderful artwork from Mel Chadwick, is how she’s illustrated some elements of the longer speeches by the angel, Mary and Zechariah, as well as adding some form of light everywhere there’s some supernatural events going on. See how many you can spot!

Something I’ve done each year, but not really advertised, is give away 10% of the calendars. This year, I will be making this available to a variety of churches across the country, so if you know a church who could share this calendar with families in their community but really can’t afford to buy it, do get in touch.

I think that’s all for now, apart from to say that you can pre-order individual copies of the Sticker Advent Calendar at half price (3.25) in August and that this price includes FREEDELIVERY when you use that code.

You can also pre-order packs of 10 for £25, again including FREEDELIVERY when you enter those words at the checkout (they will be £30).