The best Lent and Easter ideas for your family

It’s one of those things, like new year’s resolution, where some people seem to get it all together and use Lent as a time to really focus and pray and grow in their faith.

If you’re more like me, unsure what to choose to do, excited by all the lovely ideas, but aware I may not get past day 2 on any of them, do not fear!

This post is a collection of ideas for your to browse and choose one – yes, I recommend just one! – thing to try out this Lent / Easter, with the promise that you’re not going to use it to beat yourself over the head with if you don’t do it every day.

By the way, I’m sure you know that Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, the day after Shrove Tuesday (aka Pancake Day) and lasts for 40 days.

But did you realise that traditionally Lent doesn’t include Sundays? This means it lasts longer than 40 days.

Confused? I was. Which is why I made this Lent calendar chart. You can download it and use it with whatever you choose to do (or not do!) during Lent this year!


But first…

When choosing what sort of faith at home activity to do in Lent, or any other season, I always suggest people think about three things:

  1. What your family is like? What type of activities you enjoy? What things are you passionate about?
  2. What sort of faith are you wanting to grow? What part of your faith is important to you? Knowledge, trust, imagination or action? What are you pretty good at? What could you grow more in?
  3. What season are you in? Are you actually quite exhausted (if you’re reading this in 2021, probably the answer is yes!)? Do you have mostly younger children who need assistance or older ones who can do things without as much help? Are you in a place where you need to do something easy or challenging?

Ideally you could have a conversation as a family to chat about some of these questions, as the answers you come up with together will help you choose the best Lent activity for your unique family, to grow your faith in the season you’re in.

If, on reflection, the desire to ‘do something’ for Lent is more yours than something shared by your family, don’t worry about just doing something yourself. It’s important as parents that we nurture our own spiritual growth, and by doing so in front of our children, we are letting them know what’s important to us and what activities we engage in to grow spiritually – it’s impossible to overestimate the power we have in investing in our own faith at home.


And now…

Here’s loads of ideas for Lent and Easter with some notes to help you identify which might be The One for your unique family:

Are you…

  • so tired you’ve not got the energy to read this list? Maybe try something as simple as a thanks chart – thanking God for one thing each day
  • after something easy and fun? These Easter puppets are simple to make and fun to use to tell the story using the Easter storyboard
  • looking for ways to bless others? 40acts have fabulous resources to help you be generous during Lent including this family chart (which I may have be involved with making!)
  • passionate about climate change? Here’s 40 climate change challenges
  • a family with mostly under 7 year old children? Try telling the Easter story together using homemade puppets like these or finger puppets like these or an Easter garden like this one made of playdough! Or use the play dough to tell the story like this
  • a fun-loving family? Why not tell the Easter story with bread sticks with eyes? You’ll have so much fun with this one!
  • looking to grow in your knowledge of the Easter story with perhaps a little book or video? The Bible Society has a lovely range of resources, including Easter story books and videos to watch
  • looking for books to explore Easter with your under 5s? Here’s some of my favourites
  • interested in exploring Passover? You might like the Godventure Passover workshop
  • a Lego family? or maybe Duplo? Here’s how you can use it to share Bible stories together
  • looking for more Lego ideas? Here’s a fab Facebook page with a daily Lego Lent challenge starting 15th March
  • a family who loves baking? You might enjoy Bake though Holy Week with Rachel Summers
  • needing some ideas to help stimulate chat and discussion as you read the Easter story? Here’s a fun idea with a dice
  • more of an outdoor-sy family? Here’s a simple idea for a story treasure hunt (works well with eggs too!)
  • fond of candles? Here’s REALLY simple way to reflect each day using these Lent Cross Candles
  • a family who enjoys making things? Here’s a pascal candle craft
  • wanting to focus on Holy Week? Here’s a idea for a short devotional each day of Holy Week blowing out one more candle each day and here’s the Holy Week Box which is always popular
  • wondering what to do with that collection of stones the children always bring back from a walk? Here’s an idea: story stones!
  • more of a podcast type? Here’s one on Biblical feasts from The Bible Project
  • more of a video watching type? The Bible Project has some amazing videos which are fab for ages 7+ to look at stories and themes in the Bible, including great church-at-home resources like this one for Good Friday
  • a make-it family? Why not make an Easter story photobook
  • more comfortable in the digital world? How about making a mini movie using toys to act out the story using an app like Stikbot?
  • looking for something which is appealing to the children but not something you have to do every day? How about mini-egg prayers?
  • wanting a faith at home activity with Easter eggs? Here’s some ideas: make them and fill them with story-themed sweets or, make some resurrection eggs
  • looking for a challenge to get deeper into the Easter story? Try this
  • more audio than bookie? Try listening to the Easter story (here’s why this is a good idea)
  • wanting to explore the story in a non-fiction kind of way? Here’s some questions to get you started
  • a family with lots of different ages or looking to do something shared with other families? Here’s a simple activity which works for all ages and here’s an idea to create the story using dry pasta!


Looking for a fun, easy Easter activity?

These Easter puppets are simple to make and you'll have fun telling the story together using the storyboard.

Available as a book or a download