The new book is here!

A GodVenture through the life of Jesus cover for new website squareFinally, what you’ve been waiting for! The new GodVenture book has arrived, and your GodVenture through the life of Jesus can begin! Get your copy here. If you’ve pre-ordered your copy, it will be with you in the post very soon!

I’m really excited about this book as I think it’s my best sticker book yet. The stickers are better (easier to peel, better designs), each page has special notes for families with children under 5 (I have a keen and ready-made tester group at home now!), and also more emphasis on the Something Extra for older children and adults, so there’s most certainly something for everyone in your family. I’m also really keen for people to be able to use it during Lent, as 6 of the 12 stories feature the Easter story, starting with Passover and going through to Jesus returning to heaven.

And speaking of Passover, there’s some simple ideas on how you can celebrate a mini-Passover at your house. It could be as simple as lighting some candles and saying some prayers, or more elaborate, using the downloadable Passover service sheet resource. I hope you enjoy it, as we really do.

And on the last page, there’s a template for one of my favourite Bible activities: Bible Fuzzy Felt. Using the shapes on the template, you can tell all the stories in the book and loads more.