The NEW GodVenture Sticker Advent Calendar is ready for pre-order!

The new Sticker Advent Calendar is a stunner, with gorgeous artwork from Catherine Pape. This year is has much bigger stickers (33mm) so they really transform the A3 calendar picture as you put them on. Each sticker has a picture which relates to the part of the story for that day in the mini-story-book. The story is taken directly from the an accessible version of the Bible (NIrV) and cut into roughly equal chunks so that you can read the whole story one section a day.

There are 40 stickers, so that Jesus is born on Christmas Day, and then is visited by the shepherds and wise men, visits the temple and sees Simeon and Anna, before escaping to Egypt and returning to Nazareth. I wanted to keep the whole story, and extending the stickers and story past Christmas Day seemed like a good way to do this, as well as to perhaps move some of the activity into that period after Christmas when families might be a bit less busy.

The story includes both Mary and Zechariah’s songs, which I love, because it’s gorgeous poetry, often missed out in children’s versions of the story, and yet it really helpful to help us understand a bit more of why Jesus came, what his mission was and why it makes a difference to us today!

I’ve kept with the format of having all the spoken words in speech bubbles, as quite a few people have said they have used the mini-books as a script for an un-rehearsed play at Christmas, with one person reading the narrator parts (everything¬†not in speech bubbles) and others reading parts of the various people who speak. There are, of course, lots of non-speaking parts you could add to give more people a chance to join in!

So how much is it? During August, I’m sending out codes to everyone on my email list to get 50% off to all of you who love getting ready early. If you’re not already on it, just pop your details here and you’ll get a code this week.

The last thing too say is that I always give away a good chunk of my print run, and this year is no different. So if you’d love to give these to families you know, but don’t have the budget, or if you have some budget but not enough, please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.

Thank you!