Wooden spoon Bible stories

wooden spoons with faces drawn on them for a storyDraw people’s facesĀ  on wooden spoons and use them to tell Bible stories!

We created these together, making a collection of men and women (and some other odd characters!). We tried out using a pyrography pen, but it was a) very VERY hot so I didn’t feel comfortable letting my 8 and 10 year olds use it and b) it wasn’t as easy to get good lines so I would recommend using thin permanent pens, understanding they will bleed a little.

We set up a simple puppet theatre using a cloth and a table, and #boom we could tell all sorts of different Bible stories.

Something we found fun was to do the same face on the front and back of the spoon but with different expresssions. This is a fab way to chat about and name different emotions as well as to think about how people in the Bible story might have felt.

The easiest stories to use these for are ones you’ve already read a few times and can re-tell without reading, although you could have a narrator reading the story and pausing to let the puppeteers do the ‘acting’.

I love hearing children’s re-tellings of Bible stories, as they often notice things I don’t, and their re-tellings bring across different perspectives on stories which I know well, which helps me get more out of the story.

With under 5s, you might want to create some simple spoons first and let them play with them and then offer the option of making their own. Obviously watch out for permanent pens in mouths – not a good combo!

I wonder which story you will tell first…