Advent wreath prayers

Advent spiral with angelMany Christian traditions light candles during Advent (the four weeks running up to Christmas). You could make your own family tradition, lighting the candles once a week, or as many days of the week as you can.
To do this you will need four or five candles, and perhaps some spares in case the early ones burn right down. Try to find long lasting ones! You can make an Advent wreath using flower arranging oasis, or use candle sticks for each of your candles.

The first week starts on the last Sunday in November. On this day (or whichever day you decide to start) you light one candle, and say the first part of the prayer below. The second week, you light the first and the second candle, and say the first and the second part of the prayer and so on. You can stop on Christmas eve, or you can have a fifth candle to light only on Christmas day.

The prayer below refers to various Bible verses. The references are at the bottom in case you’d like to read the verses separately. You can also download the prayers on one A4 page here.

Depending on the ages of people in your family, you might like to take it in turns to read the prayer, or say the lines after the reader. If you are using it more than once a week, you could try and learn the prayer off by heart. One way of doing this is for the reader to read it once, then repeat the prayer leaving gaps for the important words, and letting others fill in the gaps.

Week 1
As we light this Advent candle,
we remember Jesus, the light of the world.
Jesus, thank you that when we follow you
we won’t walk in darkness.
We will have the light of life.

Week 2
As we light these Advent candles,

Jesus, we are sorry that we do not always walk in your light.
We do and say things which hurt other people and ourselves.
[You could add specific sorry prayers in here.]
Please forgive us and help us to walk in the light with You.

Week 3
As we light these Advent candles…

Jesus, we remember people whose lives are difficult at the moment.
[Mention people you know, and people in situations you have heard about on the news.]
We ask that You would help them, and turn their darkness into light.

Week 4
As we light these Advent candles…

Jesus, we thank you for bringing us out of darkness into Your marvellous light.
Please help us tell others about all the wonderful things You have done.

(add on Christmas Day)
Happy Birthday, Jesus, Light of the world!
Thank you for coming to live and die and come alive again for us.
Thank you that your light shines on us,
guiding us into a life of peace.

John 8:12; 1 John 1:7; Psalm 18:28; 1 Peter 2:9; Luke 1:79

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