Easter Story Colouring Sheet


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All about Easter Story Colouring Sheet

Have fun colouring this picture of eight scenes from the Easter story: Palm Sunday through to Easter Sunday.

This sheet works well on it’s own or alongside the Easter Week Sticker Calendar and Easter Story Journal.

Instead of reading the story, you might prefer to listen to it. Click here to find links to audio story.


The pictures illustrate the following stories from Mark’s gospel, which you could choose to read all in one go (about 30 minutes) or on the following days:

1 Jesus arrives – Read on Palm Sunday
2 Who’s in trouble? – Read on Monday
3 Who’s on the coin? – Read on Tuesday
4 Who gave the most? – Read on Wednesday
5 Jesus’ last meal – Read on Thursday
6 Jesus dies – Read on Good Friday
7 Jesus is buried – Read on Saturday
8 The tomb is empty – Read on Easter Sunday


You will receive two versions of the colouring sheet, one with Bible references for these stories, and one without, so you can choose which one you want to use.

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