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All about GodVenture Seder Plate Activities

The Seder Plate is an important part of the Passover meal. Download these activity sheets to explore together as a family the different foods and what they symbolise. Different members of your family might like to work on different activities.

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This 10 page download starts with a short explanation of the symbolism of each piece of food on the Seder Plate used in a Passover meal, followed by seven different activities:


  1. Food as symbols on the Seder Plate on page 2
    Use this page to read out the names of the foods and what they symbolise,
    then choose which of the following activities you’d like to do:
  2. Colouring on page 3
  3. Cut and stick the food onto your plate on page 4
  4. Cut and stick the food AND the labels on page 5
  5. Draw the food onto your plate on page 6
  6. Hebrew names: Work out the food names in Hebrew on pages 7, 8
  7. Make your own Seder Plate food! on pages 9, and 10—including making a Charoset Bar!

These simple, fun activities will help you and your family explore the Passover meal, which is explored in more detail (also with family activities) in the GodVenture Passover Online Workshop, which includes a 39-page download, and is available here. If you get a ticket to the Online Workshop, you will get this Seder Plate download included for FREE!

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