Lent Calendar 2024


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All about Lent Calendar 2024

This is a simple calendar for Lent 2024 to help you mark off the 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

Whatever you’re choosing to do or not do this Lent, this calendar chart is a way you can mark it, as you can tick off each day as it arrives, or use the chart to mark down when you’ve done the thing you’ve chosen to do (or not do!) for Lent this year. Either way is fine!

You’ll notice Sundays are marked F.D., which stands for Feast Day. Pausing on the Sundays as traditional as Sundays are held as Feast Days so they aren’t in the official 40 days (which means if you’re fasting chocolate, you can have it on Sundays – whoop!).

The download file is a pdf available after you go through the checkout.

Please don’t share this file with others. It is against copyright law. If you’d like to print copies to give other families, please choose the church license version here. When you buy that version, GodVenture gives you permission to print and share the file. It’s a kind way to acknowledge the work which goes into resources as well as helping make it possible for more to be made. Thank you!

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