Different types of nativity set

lego nativityI love nativity sets. There’s no other Bible story which the secular world embraces like this one, so there’s lots of different sets around. If you don’t have one or if yours is getting a bit tatty, here’s some ideas for a new one:

  • Make one out of Lego or other construction kits. You could have different sets for the different scenes in the story For example, a house in Nazareth where Mary and Joseph see the angel and where they go back and live after the wise men visit, a manger scene in Bethlehem where Jesus is born and the shepherds visit; a palace where Herod lives and the wise men visit him; a house in Bethlehem where Mary, Joseph and Jesus are when the wise men visit.
  • Playmobile have had various sets which you could consider buying or borrowing; perhaps you could buy a set with another family and have it for a week each.
  • Make a nativity set using Fimo, modelling clay, play dough, biscuits, marzipan or icing. Nativity cutter sets are available from places such as Lakeland.
  • Make a nativity set using toilet roll inners or wooden spoons.
  • Around Christmas, various places sell different types of nativity sets, including places like Paperchase and Lakeland.
  • Cut out relevant pictures from Christmas cards and use them to make a nativity scene Fold the card to make the figures stand up, or glue them onto loo roll inners or something similar.
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