Play with your nativity set

happyland nativity setWhether you’ve got a new set for this year, or are using one you’ve had before, here’s some ideas for things you could do with your set:

• Use them to act out the Christmas story as you read it from the Bible.

• Loan them out to other people for a week.

• Take photos of your set and use in your Christmas cards.

• Use your nativity scene to help you spend a few minutes thanking God for sending Jesus. You could put each piece into place one at a time, thanking God for that part of the story as you do so. You could especially thank God for the things in the story which you’d forgotten or noticed which you hadn’t noticed before.

• Make a mini-video of the story using a camera or mobile phone. You could make a mini video like the one which you can see HERE which was used as an e-card.

• Make your own Christmas book. Take pictures of your nativity set in a series of different poses and use them to create your own Christmas photobook. Companies like and have books which start from only £3.99.

• Invent your own advent game. One family set their scene up during December, with the characters moving around the house, gradually arriving at the nativity scene. Everyone is allowed to move the characters, but no one is allowed to be seen moving them. They are still playing the game even though all the children are now adults!

• Allow everyone in your family to ‘adopt’ a different character each week. At some point, tell the story together, with each person telling their part. Ask each other questions like, “How do you think your character felt when that happened?” “What did your character expect to happen?”

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