10 Ways to Explore The Story of Ehud

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It’s always fun looking at less well know stories in the Bible, and although this one is quite violent (PG warning!), it’s got lots of interesting things in it, not least that the main character is left handed.

You can read the story of Ehud in Judges 3:12-30.

Here are 10 ways to explore the story, all of which can be found with links to ways to make it easier for you to do in the Different edition of Faith at home:

  1. Listen to or read the story (the mini-mag has links for audio and video versions of the story and a suggestion for under 5s).
  2. Build a set and use it to re-tell the story.
  3. Chat about the story using open-ended questions (the mini-mag has several for you to use).
  4. Play a game of Ehud snakes and ladders, thinking about what could have led to this story having a different ending! (The mini-mag has poster snakes and ladders game, plus a dice to cut out and use)
  5. Say some loud prayers, since Judges 3:15 says “The Israelites cried out to the Lord. Then he provided someone to save them.”
  6. Pray with paper dolls (The mini-mag has detailed instructions on how to make them and a sheet to create a rainbow set, and faces on stickers)
  7. Thank God for someone you know who is different from you then send them a message saying one way you appreciate them.
  8. Ponder together: Why do you think this story has a lot of gory details? What effect do they have on your response to the story?
  9. Play a game of Key Sneaker, where someone is blind folded and others have to sneak up and ‘steal’ the keys without the blind-folded keeper pointing to them.
  10. Make a pipecleaner Ehud and use him to re-tell the story. (The mini-mag has full details on how to make these as well as a sheet of stickers to use as faces.)

You can get a copy of the mini-mag with all the additional material for only £5, or a pack of 10 for £35.