Balloon prayers


This is a really simple, fun way to pray in a group.

You could do this at home, or as part of a party or even a service!

Blow up the balloons and write or draw on each something about God.

You could use:

  • words (or pictures) which describe God (e.g. great, strong, kind, loving, powerful)
  • words (or pictures) to praise him God (e.g. You’re amazing, brilliant, fantastic, my favourite)
  • Phrases for people to add their own ends to (this works best with a mix of readers and non-readers working together) (e.g. God, you’re really ….. God, I want to tell you that …. God, my favourite thing in creation is …. God, I’d love you to ….)

Play some fun, dancing music, and challenge everyone to bop the balloons towards each other, keep them off the ground if at all possible until the music stops.

When the music stops, everyone should catch one balloon, and use the word or picture on it to chat with God.