Bubbles blessing


This is a a great way to pray with people of all ages, including very young children.

Get out the bubbles and say that they represent the blessings of God, that is, all the good things in our lives, as the Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes from God (James 1:17). I might get people to call out the good things in our lives, and help them to think of concrete and abstract things, for example, home, friends, food, family as well as strength, joy, peace, love, courage.

Give out bubble pots and get people to work in pairs or small groups taking it in turns to be the ‘blessing blower’ and the receiver. I usually encourage people to pause for a moment before they blow and just ask God to give them ideas of thing He wants to bless this person with, then to blow and say any good things which come into their head.

You can make this more accessible for people who are not used to praying, for example, in a toddler group, by offering options in the language used, such as, “As you blow the bubbles, imagine all the good things you pray or wish for this person and say them out loud.” This way it gives people an entry into being able to pray in a way they are comfortable with. (I’m pretty sure God doesn’t mind!)

God bless you with ….





good sleep





knowing God is near


It’s great to take it in turns to be the bless-er and the bless-ee! I use this activity at GodVenture Family Activity Workshops, and it’s so wonderful to see parents blessing their children and children blessing their parents.

Top tip #1: I love the party bubbles you can get from Tesco and other supermarkets. The mix seems to always give good bubbles, and they’re small so not so much to spill 😉 

Top tip #2: I found with big bottle of bubbles, if I tape the bottle to a chair or table, everyone can dip into it and it doesn’t spill on the floor, so lots more fun and blessing. Less wiping up 🙂

Alternatively you could say a prayer of blessing or play a song about God’s blessing as you blow the bubbles.