Candle prayer


You might have done this in a church – light a candle and pray for someone.

As I write this in 2020, a great prayer for anyone we know is for them to be filled with hope.

My family loves praying with candles whenever we visit a cathedral, and I particularly love adding our prayers for our family and friends among the prayers of people who’ve been before us, their prayers still visible in the candles, both those alight and those burnt down.

You might like to do this at home – safety first! Make sure this is always done with an adult and candles should NEVER be left unattended.

  1. Choose someone you’d like to pray for and what you’d like to prayer for them.
  2. Light the candle. Look at the flame as it grows.
  3. Say your prayer silently or out loud.
  4. Watch the candle silently. When you are finished, blow it out.