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Peppa and Jesus 0

Bible story with toys or The Day Jesus Went to Peppa Pig’s House

What are your children’s favourite toys at the moment? Why not use them to explore a Bible story together? My girls are currently into their dolls house, so we used it to tell the story you’ll probably know as ‘man through the roof’. See below for my pictures of the following story: We started with […]

duplo Bible

Duplo Bible

Share a Bible story using Duplo. (This can, of course, be done with any size Lego. We’re just at the Duplo stage, so that’s what we’ve used.) Firstly, you need to know which story you’re telling (can you guess which one we chose?). It’s particularly helpful to younger children for the story to be one […]


5 ways to share Bible stories with playdough

Here are five ways to explore bible stories using playdough. The dough I like to use is the 4 minute dough from The Imagination Tree. I make lemon, chocolate, peppermint, lavender, glitter spice (with cumin), glitter herb (with mint and coriander), golden caramel (with gold glitter and caramel flavouring) and lavender bake (with lavender essence and poppy […]


Bible Sheep pops

I love making cakepops so this is really just an excuse to have a cakepop activity, but it’s a goodun! There’s loads of Bible stories featuring sheep… David the shepherd boy, Jesus the Good Shepherd, the Lost Sheep… If you’re not sure, type ‘sheep’ into Biblegateway and see what you get! Just make your sheep […]


Bible treasure hunt

This is a great way to have fun exploring a Bible story. Make your treasure hunt by simply choosing the locations where you will hide a ‘piece’ of the story and write simple clues to place at each spot to guide everyone to the next location. If your family is mainly primary school age, you […]