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Passover table set up

How celebrating Passover could be good for your faith at home

Why would you celebrate Passover if you’re not Jewish? Such a good question! We’ve been celebrating Passover for over ten years now. Our children have grown up in a home where it’s the norm and each year we’ve invited other people to join us. In some ways, we celebrate Passover because we celebrate a weekly […]

Passover table set up

A family Passover celebration

We’ve celebrated Passover in our home for a number of years now, and each year it’s different, as we adapt it around who will be there. We tend to have a big feast-like meal interspersed with parts of the service (seder). We include elements which we use each week in our Shabbat meal, for example […]

Extra: Notes from a Jewish Commentary on Exodus 12

Here are some thoughts on Exodus chapter 12 from the Jewish Chumash, a conservative Jewish commentary, a Rabbinic explanation of the Torah (first 5 books of the Bible). It includes comment by a range of Rabbis, not always agreeing on their ideas. (It’s not the Talmud, which is the detail of how to understand and […]

Passover Jesus

6 Jesus and Passover

Jesus and Passover video If you’ve used this workshop in order, you’ll have looked at some of the connections between the Exodus and Easter stories, including some of the symbols on the seder plate which reference that story, the wine, and the promises God made to His people:  I will bring you out … I […]

passover hebrew

5 Hebrew – Letters, Words, and Blessings

Hebrew Video When we first started celebrating Passover, I found it helpful to learn a few Hebrew words, as they were often used in things I was reading. I thought you might enjoy this, so here’s some ideas of things you could do to learn a little. What you choose will depend on your familiarity […]

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3 The Wine – Four Cups and what they symbolise

The Wine Video During a Passover meal or seder, each person drinks four glasses of wine (or juice, if you’re a child or prefer not to drink wine!). They aren’t necessarily full, large wine goblets, in fact, there’s a rules about the exact minimum which must be drunk, if you’re going to be strict about […]