Easter Story Sweet-Filled Eggs


If you’re looking for something for older children say 7-14 years, this is actually a bit fiddly but very fun.

Choose a variety of sweets with links to different parts of the Easter story. We went to one of those shops where you can buy from large jars so we had a lot of choice. This works well after reading or listening to the story together and chatting about which parts of the story are the most important, the ones you like most, and the ones which are special to you.

Make your own Easter eggs by melting chocolate and applying 4-6 layers of gently melted chocolate in a mould.

Gently remove your eggs from the mould when they are completely set. Fill the eggs with your choice of sweets, reminding each other how they relate to the story.

The easiest way to stick the eggs together is to heat a baking tray until it is hot but not enough to burn your hand. Then place each egg half onto it for 3 seconds (yes, just three seconds!) then quickly pop your sweets in and press the two halves together. There’s a great video of this on youtube with a guy who seems to know what he’s doing.

Alternatively, you could ‘glue’ your eggs together with more melted chocolate and allow lots of time for them to set.

Give them as gifts, or store them away for Easter weekend. As you open them, chat about how each piece relates to the story. If you need to put a note in to explain this, put it in a piece of foil or plastic.

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