Fridge Magnets Thanks


Write things you are thankful for with fridge magnets. You could use the words in a spoken time of prayer, for example before a meal once a week.

I find this allows us to pray for things which we might not think are ‘important enough’ in a spoken prayer time, for example, I would thank God for coffee!

If you have younger children, they might enjoy using the letters or fridge magnet shapes to ‘draw’ pictures of things you are thankful for or drawing pictures to stick on with magnets.

Your family might like to turn this into a prayer game, where each family member spells out their thanks on the fridge, trying to write it there when no one else is around so no one sees them doing it.

I enjoyed using this idea during my Lent prayer challenge as every time I walked past the freezer, I would be reminded to either add something I was thankful for or thank God again for the things already written there.

You could even do this as part of an All Age service or children’s session just by using a magnetic flipchart board. Put the magnetic letters in a basket next to it or all round the edge of the board. To help get people started, write the words ‘Thank you God for’ either in white board pen or magnet letters and add two things you are thankful for.