GodVenture Family Activity Workshops

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Would you like a GodVenture Family Activity Workshop at your church?

It’s exciting that across the country families and churches are investing time to develop their faith at home.

GodVenture Family Activity Workshops aim to:

1 inspire families to do faith at home together

2 encourage families in what they’re already doing that is helping grow their faith at home

3 help families find things which will work for their family in the season they’re in

The workshops are for families to attend together, which many people are not used to, and so it may take a bit of explaining. The workshops are designed so that most of the learning takes play through activities, and even the way it is set up helps to empower and equip families.

The set-up takes about 2 hours, so I usually do 2 events, one 10 am-12 and the other 2-4 pm. These can be identical workshops with different sets of families at each, one with an under 5s focus or they can be run with a smaller gap in between with two different workshops combining to make a faith at home day for one set of families.

I charge £400 for the day, plus 50p/mile return from Leamington Spa, and I suggest a ticket price of £10-20 per family. This means that if enough families come, the fee is covered, and the church just pay my travel expenses. I offer tickets to be sold via the host church and on my website.

The set-up, payment and content are all flexible around the church context, planned in conjunc5ion with you. However, this is what a GodVenture Family Activity Workshop usually follows this format:

Arrive – refreshments and welcome activities

Together Time 1: We will start off with a creative prayer, then play some games to explore faith at home in the Bible and discover some of the things we already do in our homes which help our faith grow.

Activity time 1: Time to explore the Bible story using lots of different activities, a chance to find out what suits your family and get some new ideas.

Together Time 2: We’ll get together as a group to reflect on what we’ve done and to try out a few creative prayer activities.

Activity time 2: More time to explore, this time trying out new ways to pray as a family together.

 Together Time 3: A final get-together, reflect on what we’ve done, a couple more prayer activities and suggestions for where you can get resources.

I ask the host church to provide:

  • A venue big enough to set up 20-30 stations, room for around 15 families (around 60 people) to do activities, usually a room with a big space to sit on the floor or around tables together.
  • £100 deposit when we’ve agreed a date, and an agreement to cover the remainder of my fee if not enough tickets are sold.
  • Encouragement for people to book tickets either on my website or direct with church.
  • A Team to serving suitable refreshments throughout the event
  • Access to the building 2 hours before the first workshop.
  • Three to four people to help me set up, and another 3-4 to help pack up.
  • Tables and chairs for some activities

I provide:

  • All the kit needed for all the activities
  • Online publicity materials and promotion via Facebook

If you’re interested in hosting a workshop, but not sure you have enough families in your church, it would be great to have a joint event with other local churches.

Do get in touch with any questions or if you would like to discuss potential dates for an event at your church.