Joyful pipecleaner people!

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Try re-telling this story about a man’s joyful response to being healed using these simple and lovely pipecleaner people.

You might like to follow this link and click on the audio button, listen to the story and act it out using three pipecleaner people.

Here’s how to make them:

  1. Take three pipecleaners and twist them together in the middle.
  2. Organise your six ends of pipecleaner so that you have two going upwards (these will be hair), two going downwards (these will be legs), one going out to the left and one to the right (these will be arms).
  3. Slide three pony beads (the small plastic ones) onto the two ends pointing downards. These bead form the body.
  4. Add a piece of penne or a cut piece of paper straw onto each leg, followed by a pony bead then another piece.
  5. Fold over the end of the bottom pipecleaners to make feet.
  6. Put two pieces of penne or cut paper straw onto each arm (left and right pipecleaners).
  7. Fold over the ends of the arms into one big loops and one small one to make a thump and hand.
  8. Thread the two upwards facing pipecleaners through a large wooden bead and use the ends of the pipecleaner to create a hair do!
  9. Add a face using a fineliner or felt tip pen.
  10. Use your joyful people to re-tell joyful stories – you could try the one in the Bible about the man who couldn’t walk and was healed in Acts 3:1-9. You can find more joy activities here.