Get More: extra resources to go with the Mountains edition of the Faith at home mini-mag. Here are the extras for this edition:

  • #1 Audio Psalm playlist
  • #2 Bingo cards pdf
  • #3 Psalm songs playlist
  • #4 Jam recipe pdf
  • #5 Explore Ascent Psalms pdf
  • #6 Shadow Tag rules
  • #7 Security tag pdf

#1 Audio Psalm (GodVenture playlist of Psalm 121 being read)

GodVenture playlist of Psalm 121 being read

Here is a list of links to Psalm 121 being read by different people from different Bible versions:

2. Bingo cards PDF

This is in case you need more than one version of the Bingo cards. Click here to download your Psalm Bingo postcards with spinner and counters.

You will also need the Psalm 121 for Psalm Bingo, as the bingo only works well with the NIrV version of the psalm.

#4 Jam recipe

#5 Explore Ascent Psalms

Explore Ascent Psalms in the Bible works for adults or children on their own or in a group. Use it with your family or small group and enjoy the discussions stimulated by the open-ended questions.

#6 Shadow Tag rules

Just like in regular tag, one person will be “it” and will try to tag the others. Whoever gets tagged then becomes “it.”.

Unlike real tag, no one touches each other; instead, only shadows touch shadows, making this a perfect game for two distancing!

When the person who is “it” tags someone’s shadow, they should shout “Tag! You’re it (name)!” Then, that person will chase after the other people’s shadows.

#7 Security tag

Here’s a printable version of the Yhwh Security Tag.