NEW Blessing Faith at Home Mini-Mag

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I’m sure you, like me, have heard loads of versions of the Elevation song, The Blessing. One of my favourites is the Hebrew version by Joshua Aaron, and it was when I heard this version that I was suddenly inspired to make a Blessing Faith at home mini-mag exploring these verses from Number 6:24-26.

I wanted to make something which was fun but also a real exploration of the verses so that we can all experience God’s blessing in a deeper way.

We’ve used these words as part of our weekly Shabbat meal for over a decade, and I can honestly say that I never stop discovering new wonderful things buried in these words which God spoke to Moses to speak to Aaron to speak over God’s people.

I love that these verses reveal how words are so powerful – God speaks to Moses to speak to Aaron to speak these words of blessing over the people. If God’s words were what brought light out of darkness in Genesis 1, how powerful that He gives us specific words to speak over each other. 

No wonder this song has gone viral!

The Blessing Faith at home mini-mag has 12 fun, family faith at home activities to help families with children age 3-12ish to explore the blessing together and discover ways they can use it to bless each other and other people! The activities include making a blessing hotel to use as a prayer, blessing bunting, bubbles and of course a blessing sticker activity!

The mag is A5 and folds out into an A3 prayer poster and comes with the stickers to use with the poster plus three A5 postcards:

  • a display card to put the verse up in your home with a beautiful, original watercolour painting
  • a colouring card
  • a card to cut and make your own set of Bible mini-cards of the verse – there are 5 activities you can do with these inside the mag

The mini-mag is aimed at being as accessible as possible, so the activities are simple enough for most families to do without much extra kit needed, and there is a range of activities so that there are things for older children and adults as well. You don’t need to feel confident in your faith to be able to use it, and the mini-mag gives you all the details you need to discover more together, rather than parents needing to teach their children from their own knowledge. This makes it a great gift for families doing online holiday clubs or who are part of an extended church family.

For families wanting to explore a bit more, there’s a downloadable family devotional which fits onto two sides of one A4 sheet. It has 6 simple family devotional sessions exploring one phrase of the blessing using another passage in the Bible with some open-ended questions and a challenge. This comes with both the individual copy of the mag and the packs, so you could print this out for your families if you think it will help them.

There is also a myriad of links in the mag to this page where there are loads of links and extras you can download and add to your exploration.

Packs are priced at £20 for 10 copies, with free delivery when you used the code: freedelivery

Individual copies can be delivered to your home or the home of your friend for only £4 again including free delivery when you used the code: freedelivery

There is a deluxe version of this mini-mag, called the GodVenture Blessing Box, which comes with many of the downloads already printed for you and a selection of kit for you to do the various activities such as blessing bracelets and blessing shrinkets. It’s £15 inc P&P when you used the code: freedelivery

If you’d like to put together your own Blessing boxes, when you buy a pack of 10 mini-mags, you get a spreadsheet which gives you ideas for items to include along with prices and links to places you can buy them.

I hope you enjoy using this and I’d love to hear how you get on with it.

The mini-mag even has a little competition when you can upload pictures of your blessing hotel to the GodVenture Facebook page and maybe have your picture in the next issue of Faith at home!