GodVenture Online Passover Workshop Menu

This page is the menu or contents for the GodVenture Online Passover Workshop. Each link below leads to a post which includes a video which is a short version of what’s in the post.

You are welcome to use this menu and the workshop material it in whatever works best for you and your family. Use it in order or dip into the content which interests you. Use it during Lent or during the year. Use it over meals or once a week after church. Print things out and read them in bed. Watch the videos together or separately. However you choose, I hope it will inspire you and help you explore Passover in a way which enhances your faith at home together.


How will the workshop work? How can you get the most out of it? Why are we looking at this story?

1 The Story

Exploring Exodus and introducing the Passover meal

2 The Seder Plate

What’s on it and why – Exploring what things on the Seder Plate represent and what these things could mean for you

3 The Wine

Four Cups and what they symbolise – the wine and the structure of the seder meal, ways people adapt it

4 The Bread

Matzah, Manna and Bread of the Presence – a story about bread in the Bible, linking five geographic locations and times bread is eaten

5 Hebrew

Letters, Words and Blessings – Some ideas to help you explore a little Hebrew

6 Jesus and Passover

Linking all the pieces together

Feedback questions

I’d really appreciate hearing what you used, what was helpful and what would be good to change for next time.