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Bible story with pasta

Most families have some dried pasta in the house, so here’s a few ways to use it to explore Bible stories together.

While 1 type of pasta works fine, it’s fun to have a few different types. In this picture we used lasagne sheets, spaghetti and twirls (what are they called?).

You could read the story from the Bible then provide the pasta and a board for everyone to have a go making a picture of the part of the story they liked most or think is most important or which spoke to them.

You could make a series of pictures to tell the story. I’d usually pick 4 or 6 then take photos of them.

You could use the pictures to create your own Bible story book by printing them out or making a photo book (currently I’m using FreePrints photo books which have 20 pages and cost £6 inc p&p).

You could use the pasta to create pictures for a stop animation movie.

You could use a phone or tablet to film someone using the pasta to show the story as someone else reads it from the Bible or resells it in their own words.

What will you do with yours?