Advent wreath prayers

Advent wreathIf you have some candles, you can create your own home Advent ritual, lighting one candle in the first week of Advent, two in the second and so on up til Christmas.

If you can get your hands (carefully!) on some holly, you could make a simple wreath around your candles too. Light your candles at times when you get together, maybe at the weekend or at each breakfast or evening meal. As you light them, have a moment to remember Jesus. You could use one of the prayers below, or invent your own. Traditionally, you can add a new bit to your prayer each week, but it’s equally as good to use one prayer all the way through. Just do what works for your family.

This is the prayer we use at our church for the Christingle service. You could say it all together, or have one person say the first line and everyone else say the second.

Jesus, light of the world
Come into our darkness.

I like the word Emmanuel as for me it describes the wonder and the mystery of Christmas – God with us, God became human, God in a body. You might like this Emmanuel prayer asking God to be with us in all the things we do. If you’re feeling creative, you can invent your own verses.

Emmanuel, God with us.
Emmanuel, stay with us.
Emmanuel, play with us.
Emmanuel, rest with us.
Emmanuel, God with us.

We have a prayer we use each Friday in our family as we light the two candles for our Shabbat meal. It’s based on a traditional Jewish blessing, with additional words from John 8:12. This year we’re going to use this for Advent, and I’m working on a tune to sing it to:

We bless You,
Lord our God,
King of the Universe

Who has given us Jesus,
the light of the world.

Thank you that whoever follows you
will not walk in darkness
but have the light of life.

Advent-prayers-for-families-2010 are some Bible verse-based prayers you could use in each week of Advent.

Have you come across good family Advent prayers?

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