A Posted GodVenture (Pack 2)

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This pack contains six postcards, each with a prayer or Bible activity using stickers, including one especially for birthdays.

All you need to do is write a short message on the back of a card and send it in the envelope provided with the relevant stickers. The stickers are colour coded and clearly labelled to help you find the right ones easily.

Send the postcards as often as you wish and in whichever order you think will be most helpful to the child you are sending them to. You could send one a month, perhaps preparing them all together then putting them on your calendar so you will remember! Or maybe send them the week before or after you see them.

The six postcards in this pack (including two favourites from Our Family GodVenture) are:

Flame prayers – ‘lighting’ a candle each time we pray
Coloured thanks – thanking God for different things in our lives
Feelings prayers – telling God how we feel
God loves you! – a reminder of God’s love for us
Water prayer – thanking God for clean water and praying for others to get it
Christmas gifts – thinking about God’s gifts to us

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All about A Posted GodVenture (Pack 2)

6 sticker activity postcards for children who love stickers and getting things in the post

Simple and fun ways for children to connect with God in their home

Perfect for God-parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles or children’s workers

Write a message on the card then send it in the envelope with the stickers

Includes a postcard about Christmas