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All about Bible verse cards Download

A friend contacted me to ask if I knew of somewhere she could get a set of Bible verses on cards. I didn’t, but I made these.

We have a set which I handwrote (although now, I will use these!), and we aim to learn one new verse each month, and this rather random collection of verses is ones we’ve learned over the last year or so.

You’ll see from the cards that sometimes we learn a few verses together, and we usually use songs to learn them.

Here’s a link to our Bible verse song playlist on YouTube. (Please note these two collections do not completely match!)

We all learn differently, but what I usually do to start with is to read the verse slowly a few times, then start pausing before the last word of a line or phrase and let my children fill in the gap. Then I miss out other words and see how much they can fill.

Sometimes we play Bible Jumping (another post!) or make cards or bunting or write the words on balloons, but often it’s just a case of reading it then listening to the song.

Here’s ten ideas of how you could learn these verses.