Mini-prayer book download

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All about Mini-prayer book download

Make your own mini-prayer book using this A4 sheet download.

Simply download either the full colour or the white background version and the instructions to make your own mini prayer book.

It’s really easy to make – the instructions are on a separate file.

You could print out as many as you like and give them to people you know (children and adults!).

You could make them, and start using them together in a group setting, online or face to face! (I always find I am more likely to re-use something I’ve started using!)

The format is really simple:

You write your name or draw a picture of yourself on the cover.

  • Each day you want to use it, you fill in the Today is ….

Most people will write the day or date, but you could draw or write the weather or a word that describes how you’re feeling today!

Next you draw or write in the section marked:; Thank you God for…

  • Finally you add something in the section marked: Please God…

How will you use yours?!

Get a free copy printed (and a download copy!) as part of the Protected edition of the Faith at home mini-mag.