Questions to help inspire you when exploring the Bible together

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breadsticks with eyes

There’s lots of ways we can explore the Bible. When it comes to doing this as a family, it can be a bit daunting if we’re not used to it. Here’s some ideas to help inspire you: 

1 Think location

Where did this story take place?

Can we look it up on a map? (especially good if there are multiple geographic locations in the story)

Could we share the story in a similar type of place? (near water, at a table, in a house, near sand/desert)

Are there any objects we could use to connect us physically with the location of the story?

Could we create a version of the location as a ‘set’ for telling the story? (e.g. using lego, giant jenga, pasta, sticks and masking tape, ginger bread, biscuits, toast etc)

Could we chat about how the location of the story might have affected the experience of the different characters? How would the location/s make them feel? When might we find ourselves in a similar place?


2 Think characters

Who are the people in this story? (include spectators or ‘non-speaking’ parts)

Could you use toys to ‘act’ the story? (perhaps in your ‘set’ – see above) (e.g. using soft toys, duplo, play mobil, wooden people, felt cut outs, ginger bread biscuits, even bread sticks with eyes (above), dinosaurs or trains!)

What would the people say / think / feel? Fill in the gaps with your own suggestions. (e.g. using faces on paper plates, or pictures or use objects to make expressions)

Make some people using gingerbread cutters and dough, toast, cucumber or use them for shapes on felt, card, foam

Chat about: Where are you in this story? Where would you like to be?


3 Think plot

What is the outline of this story?

How could you summarise this story into four sentences?

Could you make a story board of the story (drawing, painting, large paper, chalk, using empty frames for each scene)?

Which four items could you choose to represent four key elements in the story?

What is the context of this story? What happens before and after it? Are there other family members in the Bible? How does it fit into the big story in the Bible?

What themes are developed in this story? Where else in the Bible do they appear?