Review: 52 Faith Adventures for Dads and their kids

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Title: 52 Faith Adventures for Dads and their Kids – Care for the Family

Author: Andy Frost

Price: RRP £9.99 available for £7.99

Published by: Care for the Family

Perfect for: anyone wanting ideas of fun adventurous activities to do with children with Bible stories and questions to link in with them

Best bit: loads of great ideas for fun things to do together and ways to link into a Bible story, from climbing a mountain to building a cardboard fort

Worst bit: It would have been great to have photos of each adventure so that children could easily flick through and pick ideas they like.

More thoughts:

This well designed book has 52 adventures for Dads to do with their children (although, as the intro says, anyone could do them!). In a world where most of us spend time too much time sitting, indoors and on screens, this book has a wonderful selection of idea to get us up, outside and having fun together, plus ways to bring in a bit of chat about faith on the way.

The bonus are the Bible stories and ideas for chatting and praying together, which are linked with the activities. I wouldn’t worry about the links being loose – build a castle and tell the story of Esther – as the best bit for the children is doing things with their Dad (or other adult), and if the stories and chat are part of that, they will enjoy that too.

There are four types of adventures:

  1. outdoors
  2. seasonal
  3. at home
  4. every day

I think there is more than enough for any family to find a collection of adventures which work for them.