Review – Bethlehem Town


Title: Bethlehem Town

Written by: Andrew McDonough

Series: Lost Sheep Books

Published by: Sarah Grace Publishing

Price: £5.99

Buy from: Malcolm Down Publishing

Useful for: parents of children ages 3-10 years old

Best bit:

The fun, quirky, colourful pictures and well-rhyming text, describes the birth of Jesus taking place in a house, which from what I’ve read elsewhere, is more likely than a stable. The book describes this in detail using awesome pictures and really helps us imagine we were there.

Worst bit:

The Bible text at the back (useful) is NIVUK, which maybe isn’t the best version for the age group of children who will like this book. Not a deal breaker though.

All the Lost Sheep Book series, of which this is a part, have a Cecil’s page at the back which gives ideas for adults to do before, during and after reading the book, making it very useful.

This book would even make a good story telling activity as part of an event. Online there are loads fo additional materials to go along with it. Definitely worth a look.