Review: Comfort in the Darkness

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Title: Comfort in the Darkness – helping children draw close to God through Biblical stories of night-time and sleep

Author: Rachel Turner

Useful for: parents of children aged 0-10ish looking for Bible stories and activities to explore God and nighttime.

Best bit: brilliantly re-told Bible stories and succinctly written ideas to help children in their relationship with God.

Worst bit: no pictures so not ideal for sharing directly with my 3- and 5-year-olds

Price: RRP £7.99

This is not a book on sleep training but one that will create a positive relationship with God at night for you and your children! Rachel vividly re-tells 16 Bible stories each where someone, usually a child, experiences something of God at nighttime. It’s simple, it’s clever and it’s profound. I found my own perspective on nighttime changing along with my children’s, as they quoted to me things we had discovered of God.  I particularly loved the story of Herman based on Psalm 88, who discovers God gives us songs in the night to draw close to Him. We had a fab time asking God to give us songs and singing them together. Great book for any parent, especially but definitely not exclusively, any with children who struggle at night.