Review: Creation to Crib


Author: David Sims

Illustrator: Becky Rawlins and Hope Gwilliam

RRP £15.99 (it’s full colour and 124 pages long!)

Published by: David Sims

Perfect for: families with children age 7+ wanting a daily Advent devotional

Best bit: gorgeous design and artwork, a delight for eyes!

Worst bit: a lot of material, with choices, but some people might think they need to do everything, which might end up in overload!

More thoughts:

This full-colour, illustrated book contains 25 family devotionals for Advent. Each day includes a picture (yes! first something visual – whoop!), then the Bible reading (in the book), a short devotional about it, then a written prayer, something to think about, something to do and a set of extra Bible passages for those wanting to ‘dive deeper’. Each day also has a full page of space to write or draw, sometimes with a prompt, sometimes without.

As a visual person, I love this! The pictures are really lovely, and the space to respond visually too really makes this an easy book to use. The only problem I can see is that some people won’t want to write or draw in such a beautiful book! For me, I say Go for it! That’s exactly what it’s been made for 🙂

If I’m going to be picky, I would have preferred a thicker cover, as the inside is so weighty, but then it might feel even more like a book you can’t write in, so maybe it’s good as it is.

Many family devotionals are designed using very fixed templates, and this one feels a lot more organic and designed, so thank you, David, for getting together such a great team to produce this lovely book!