Review: Explore the Bible

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Title: Explore the Bible cards

Author: Jessica Jenner at Together at home

Price: £8

Published by and available from: Foundationstones Resources

Good for: anyone wanting to learn more about Bible books in a fun way

Best bit: Colour co-ordinated cards by genre with extra info on each card

Worst bit: The box is a little bit flimsy

More thoughts:

I was planning to make my children a set of cards, one for each book of the Bible so they could learn a bit about each book, as well as where to find them in their Bibles.

Then I discovered Jessica had made this pack! How awesome!

The info she’s put on each card is really helpful, and the colour coding is done by genre, which is a really helpful way to group books.

Each cards shows

  • whether it is in the Old or New Testament
  • genre
  • which number Bible book it is
  • how many chapters are in it
  • when the events in the book happened
  • a suggestion for something to find in the book with a Bible reference

There are also some cards with ideas of games to play with the cards including Bible top trumps.

I’d definitely recommend getting a set of these – get yours here