Review: Iola – the Joy issue


Title: Iola: The Joy issue

Created and published by: Abi Louise

Price: £12

Best bit: It’s hard to pinpoint one thing, but the quality of this bookazine* is gorgeous, it’s fab to hold, the pages are thick and beautifully designed, there are no adverts and the images and articles are perfect for a relaxing, soul-soothing read. If you’re looking for something to ping a partner to get for you, this is it!

* high-quality magazine you’ll want to keep

Worst bit: Waiting until Christmas to read it! (you don’t have to, I’m just saving mine as a Boxing Day treat!)

Abi has been creating Iola for a few years now, and this issue is stunningly beautiful. The amazing images on their own are relaxing and enjoyable (and will eventually go in my paper craft box to make beautiful cards – shhh! Don’t tell Abi!). The well-written articles are all aimed at you, the reader, and are described as ‘soul soothing’, bringing you into a place of peace and, well, joy!

There are also simple creative activities to do including a feather macrame wall hanging, a JOY embroidery pattern from @tinkerellen and some colouring pages, including a JOY colouring page by GodVenture,

There are so many pages on which the pictures and words are so good you’ll want to put them on your wall, but probably, like me, you’ll leave it intact and keep returning to read and look at a bit more for a few months at least.

Is it a Christmas magazine? Not in the traditional sense. It’s definitely not like any other Christmas magazine I’ve seen, but it is deeply spiritual, and the articles are written by Christian women drawing on their faith and sharing it with us in authentic non-preachy ways to inspire and encourage us.

I don’t usually review things which aren’t aimed at helping families grow in their faith at home, but this bookazine is really special and for only £12, it’s the perfect gift – for you or a friend!