Review: Mosaic – Celebrations


Title: Mosaic – Celebrations

Author: Scripture Union

Useful for: anyone wanting materials for a small group with a wide age range (e.g. a family!)

Best bit: loads of creative activity pages and flexible, accessible ways to explore the Bible story including great artwork

Worst bit: maybe too many colouring pages, although my children did love them!

Price: RRP £11.99.

This isn’t a new product, but it’s a really handy one if you’re looking for ways to celebrate Christmas, Easter or Pentecost. It is designed for small groups of children of different ages, so works well in a family situation. I am using the Road to Emmaus session and have found plenty to use including a hieroglyph code perfect for my Egypt-loving 5yo and a colouring picture which my 4yo has already coloured in the book! The Bible story is told using 8 pictures which are supplied, with permission to photocopy and enlarge them. The pictures can be used like stations to tell part of the story in each place, then invite everyone to go back to the part of the story they liked best or spoke to them and spend some time chatting with God about it. Each session also has worship and response ideas, plus extension activities for older and younger children, a memory verse and such like.

I would recommend this to anyone with a small group of children at church or someone running a small group with children in it as there’s loads of material for our major celebrations. AND families wanting ideas and materials. It’s a great price for lots of stuff.