Review: My Easter Egg Hunt

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Title: My Easter Egg Hunt

Author and illustrator: Cathy Porter

Published by: Amazon

Price: £4.57

Good for: children aged 3–10 years

Best bit: brilliant relatable storytelling working through the meaning of Easter for a child in a Christian family

Worst bit: As always, I would have liked more pictures, but even when they were little, this didn’t put my children off.


I met Cathy Porter at a children’s work conference in Nottinghamshire when she was working on this book. I’m often approached by people working on a book, most of which never get completed – it’s a huge job making a book! (I should know – I have files of unfinished books!) However, Cathy’s finished article is one of my children’s favourite Easter books.

Like many self-publishers, Cathy has written the book she wanted to read with her children. The result is a gentle, smoothly told story told in the first person of a child exploring the meaning of Easter over the Easter weekend. There are pictures (by Cathy too!) which augment the story, as Cathy walks with us on a child’s eye view of Easter, gently explaining the meaning of things, and working with the mystery as things appear. There’s a brilliant bit where the child doesn’t want to the Good Friday service – a real-life situation for many families I’m sure!

There’s also a space in the back for adding your own words and pictures in answer to a question, which my girls loved too.

We’re all different, and different books will appeal to different children and parents, but this one really works for us.